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November 2015

The EU and the East in 2030 – Four Scenarios for Relations between the EU, the Russian Federation, and the Common Neighbourhood

What will the European Home look like by the year 2030? Will it be a "Shared Home", where Europeans live together for pragmatic reasons? Will all Europeans live in a "Common Home", bound together by common values? Will there be a "Broken Home", a house in ruins by 2030? Or will Europeans live in a "Divided Home" next door, but increasingly apart from each other?

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has invited 20 experts from all over Europe to jointly develop four scenarios for relations between the EU, the Russian Federation, and their Common Neighbourhood in 2030 over the summer of 2014. The scenarios do not attempt to predict the future, but offer different visions of possible and plausible futures. They can be helpful in enabling decision-makers and stakeholders to adapt their strategies in order to achieve or avoid a certain scenario.


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